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Bay Area Fitness & Nutrition

Daniella Dayoub of DFitLife and Al Painter of Integrate Performance Fitness have joined forces to bring you a cutting edge fitness studio. Their distinct integration of nutritional counseling and personal/small group training will take your fitness to the next level in no time.

What is Bay Area Fitness and Nutrition?

Located in Mountain View, Ca., BayFit is the Bay Area’s newest high-level fitness and nutrition resource. We’ve got over 25 years of combined industry experience and we want to share it with you.

We pride ourselves not only on the results you’ll get, but on the community you’ll be a part of once you join us. This means not only will you have a built in accountability support system each time you come in, but we’ll be with you every rep of the you way as you become a better you.

Whether you are an everyday athlete looking for more energy to play with your kids, work in your yard, or get through your days with more energy, or you are an elite level competitor looking to improve your performance and reduce your chances of becoming injured, we’ve got the fitness and nutrition strategy to get you there!

Get BayFit!

BayFit offers the following services to not only help you meet, but exceed your health and fitness goals:

  • Workshops
  • Space Available to Rent for Trainers

Bay Area Fitness & Nutrition is Located at

298 San Antonio Rd, Suite 300, Mountain View, CA

  • We've what trainers need.

ipf-studio (6)We’ve Been There and We Get It

If you are a Silicon Valley Personal Fitness Trainer or Group Class Instructor looking for a place to train your clients, Bay Area Fitness and Nutrition has space available. We’ve been in your shoes when it comes to trying to launch a successful training business. We know how difficult it can be and we’ve learned how to make easier.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

We’ve got everything you need to help both you and your clients succeed. Here’s a snapshot of the BayFit advantage:

  • Guest blogging opportunities to an established audience
  • Opportunities to help coach our workshops and seminars
  • Want to do one of your own? We’ll promote it!
  • Help populating your video channels with content
  • Social media promotion of your workouts, classes and projects
  • We are within walking distance to two coffee shops, three grocery stores and multiple places to eat!

Please contact us for more information on space availability as well as monthly fees.


Daniella Dayoub

Nutritional Counselor / Personal Trainer

Al Painter

Personal Trainer